Turning dust to gold

Turning dust to gold

Recent news about BHS and the shutting of M&S branches has caused me to think about the UK’s High Street retail changes, together with the impact that has on ex-employees and their families.

I won’t go down the road of sitting in judgement on Philip Green and his social conscience because I prefer to use my time more productively and assessing the positives in every situation.

Yes, we have seen the demise of Woolworths, BHS, MFI and Comet, plus so many more, in the last few years but these closures will always create opportunities for new people to fill part of the void left behind.

Readers of Armada’s social media will be fully aware of our passion for SME businesses. After all, we have been supporting this sector for over 40 years.

When we see large chains of businesses in failure or retrenching you can be certain that as day follows night, out of the flames of destruction young sparks with ideas, energy and the desire to invent something a little different will start creating – think of vacuum cleaner. Yes you may still be Hoovering your carpets but for sure it’s with a Dyson or a Gtech.

The future of SMEs in the UK will always be bright. We are a nation of inventors, adventurers and opportunists. However, the small entrepreneur, whether in retail, the leisure industry or manufacturing, while being  focussed on the quality of his product and service, cannot afford to ignore his ‘route to market’.

No matter how small, every business must have a web site and a good one, with lots of quality colour photos. If you don’t, watch your competitors with a good web presence and envy the number of people going through his door. If you are selling a product, use Instagram and Pinterest to show how appealing your products are. The sites are free.

If you are confused by the internet or lacking in confidence, start asking questions about social media, after all, helping your customers find you is just as important as your product or your service.

Don’t sit there waiting for the door to open – get up and go and greet them!

Ps.  If we saw M&S managers on the shop floor engaging their customers instead of shuffling papers in the back office we wouldn’t be reading about store closures. Ignore your customers at your peril!

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