Seize the Day

After a very long, cold, wet winter and constant negative news being pumped out ceaselessly by the media it takes a brave person to invest in their business by purchasing new plant and equipment. To establish a new business takes even more courage.

However, the days are getting longer, the bulbs are breaking through the sodden earth and the opportunities for entrepreneurs are greater than they have been for years.

When everyone is trying to drag you down to where they are, remember the Stanley Holloway monologue (he of the My Fair Lady fame), when everybody he met made him more and more depressed. He then met Old Jenkins who shouted “By gum! My word you do look well.”

Armada are seeing a stream of quality proposals for start-up businesses each day, together with proposals from many existing businesses looking to expand and up-date. Never before have we seen so many families who are ready to support their sons and daughters in their ventures.

You can choose to be frozen in your business by the negativity of the press, politicians, friends and neighbours or you can be brave and respond “My word I do feel well,” and get on with life, after all, it’s the only one we’ve got!

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