Riding to fitness

Riding to fitness

Thanks to the phenomenal success of British cyclists, Bradley Wiggins, Laura Trott and Chris Hoy, the UK public are taking interest in the sport and their participation to new levels.

Councils and government are seeing the sense of facilitating the two-wheel commuter and new cycleways are opening up everywhere.

Not only is cycling helping to reduce congestion, it is improving fitness levels of participants and lessening dependency on our over-stretched health service.

Victoria Pendleton, Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome have added to the celebrity status of our top riders and the public love to emulate their heroes.

Cyclebeat, a spin bike studio in the City of London, has provided a facility for folk to leave their desks and get fit by chasing Laura Trott without moving.

You can pre-book your chosen bike and instructor and choice of music before you leave your office.

With cycling destined to continue its popularity you can be sure that more gyms near you will be taking bike spinning seriously.

Ps. Don’t keep your head down when riding, you never know, Boris Johnson may be on the bike next to you.

To find out more about spinning visit www.cyclebeat.co.uk

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