Old codgers beware

Old codgers beware

The prospect of taking a 3year old grandson to an adventure park and farm shop wasn’t anticipated with as much enthusiasm as watching England winning the ashes.

Fortunately the day in question started warm and sunny, so putting on a brave face, with his lordship tucked under one arm, we made our way to Puxton Park, near Weston-Super-Mare.

The car park was deserted and as the schools had returned for the autumn term, all was peace and quiet. So far so good.

First stop, the restaurant, coffee and breakfast needed to calm the nerves. “You order breakfast dear and I’ll take junior to the loo.” On our return I was informed that my eggs and bacon had morphed into “The Farmers Challenge.” It arrived on a dustbin lid. Four eggs, four sausages, four rashers of bacon etc. (see above).

An hour later, when the paramedics had checked my cholesterol and the insurers had got me to sign a waiver, we were ready to let junior loose.

Boat rides and train rides, farm trips and bouncy pillows – I was warming to this and thinking that it was too good for children. Then we found the new bumper boats. Granny and Sunny Jim were shoehorned into one boat and sylph like me and my breakfast in another boat.

These boats were fitted with water canon but being the first time I knew my aim would be rubbish – “Oops, sorry granny. Never mind, it’s sunny and you will soon dry out!”

The indoor and outdoor climbing frames were tremendous. Just one word of advice for those over 16 and more than 6ft tall, when you get to the outdoor mouse wheel, don’t!! Take it from me, travelling at 15mph and head butting the wooden wheel is not as much fun as having dinner with George & Amal.

All in all, what with the farm shop and butchery, the petting animals and the falconry displays, Puxton has something for everyone. A great place to go for putting memories in the bank.


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