Letting life lead us

Letting life lead us

Do you spend enough time sitting quietly, just thinking and listening to your thoughts?

Hard work is to be encouraged and thankfully in the UK we are blessed with a nation of doers who have a serious work ethic. However, if we don’t take time to STOP, block out the extraneous white noise and just listen, we may be missing out on a great future.

Stephen and Bernadette are an example of the importance of finding time to be inspired. Having spent twenty years building up a small, successful retail business they decided to sell up and take a change of direction, albeit without knowing which road to take.

While their proceeds gathered dust in the bank they purposefully awaited for inspiration to point out their future direction. Several months later Bernadette’s cousin asked if they would be interested in a property based joint venture. He had acquired a large redundant nursing home that he was turning into apartments and preferred not to borrow more money for the venture.

So started Steve and Berni’s property business. Slowly over the next ten years they built a portfolio of letting properties, some residential and others, serviced offices. The bigger they grew the more work Bernadette had in running the day to day operation. Stephen got bored and a little left out.

Sensibly he decided to take himself off for a break in Cornwall and spend time walking the beaches, thinking and listening and trying out the many excellent restaurants and pubs that Cornwall has to offer.

When he returned he knew which road to take for the next phase of their business. They now concentrate on providing serviced accommodation with dedicated office facilities incorporated within the ‘bachelor apartments’.

So popular is this concept that they require Armada to finance the fit-outs and furnishings, including all the technical requirements for the offices, so that their profits can be used for property purchases and building works.

Fortunately for them, Stephen was prepared to take time to listen to his thoughts. Not for him the dull grind of the treadmill. He is always excited about where inspiration might take them next.

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