Investing in tomorrow

Investing in tomorrow

In most people’s lives the greatest investment we incur is the cost and effort we put into our children.

The cost of nursery care, then schooling, followed by university expenses and accommodation is a commitment we make because we care about our children and want the best for them.

Those heart-rending moments when we leave our child at nursery for the first week! Will they look after him safely? Will they nurture him and meet his every need? Will he pine for me?

Ask any primary school teacher how important the nursery school is – teaching the basics of numeracy and literacy, creating confidence away from the parents, helping social interaction etc. The nursery experience has already put your child on the first rung of the educational ladder.

When Abeer and Mark opened their first Daisy Day Nursery in Cardiff, they understood that to be successful they needed to set their standards as high as possible.

Standards of care and love for the babies and toddlers, choosing the best staff and then maintaining their training and investing in the infrastructure of the property. In other words, Happy nursery + happy staff = happy children.

Now Mark and Abeer run a second nursery in Barry and a Coconuts Play Centre opposite.

As Maeve’s mum said “When my second daughter was born I didn’t visit anywhere else. Why would I? I knew she would get the best care possible in Daisy Day.”

What better way to bring success and expansion to your business? – Invest in your premises, your staff and your customers, even if they are tiny, cuddly and sometimes damp!