Happy New Year to You

Having experienced the deluge in Somerset two years ago, our hearts go out to the people of Cumbria, Yorkshire and Scotland. So many folk have been affected by the flooding over Christmas and the New Year. Not only have homes and businesses been awash but the loss of furniture and meaningful possessions will have been hard to bear.

The news reports of people being ferried and rescued in dinghies highlights the army of helpers ready to lend a hand to the effected families.

How many farmers gave up their time with the family to take their tractors to move sandbags and shore up banks and move rubble? Likewise, how many emergency services personnel didn’t get to sit down to Christmas dinner with their loved ones?

We all know that newspapers and the whole media will proclaim that bad news sells papers and they have a duty to inform, but on a personal basis, how are we going to approach 2016?

Are we the ones to focus on the trauma of those trying to cope with overwhelming misfortune or will we celebrate the British spirit of helping each other when the need arises?

In 2016, business will have days when the clouds are black and the media is throwing rubbish at us that actually doesn’t affect us. As entrepreneurs, will we find all the reasons why nobody came through the door today or will we get up each day with a smile and attract our own good fortune and success?

Why not resolve to smile your way through 2016 – go on you know you can do it!

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