Hang on to your visions

Hang on to your visions

As you know by now, Armada are lifetime supporters of new start businesses. However, at times, even a veteran like me can be daunted by the prospect of all the red tape and rigmarole that a new start entrepreneur has to go through.

Sajid Javid promised to cut all the red tape when he was made Minister for Small Businesses. So did Michael “Tarzan” Heseltine when he was President of the Board of Trade back in the 70s.

For all their promises, the amount of regulation and paperwork needed to start a business is sufficient to douse the enthusiasm of the most confident of entrepreneurs.

Should you be a sole trader, a partnership or a company and what forms need filling in? How are you going to produce a business plan and budgets that will be taken seriously? What bookkeeping system is relevant and how do you go about raising funds and then approach the right people?

The issues and queries are endless, but where do you find the solutions?

Stephen Docherty should know the answers to these conundrums; after all he had to deal with them himself when he set up his accountancy practice, SD Business Management, in 1996.

Now Stephen and his team specialise in new start handholding. With his grandfatherly good looks and his dedication to raising funds for charities it is understandable that folk trust him to deal with the miasma of regulations in order to keep their visions and goals focused.

Stephen and his team are to accountancy what Armada are to funding.

“Care for the other guy and help him – after all, he is why you get up in the morning.”


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