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Starting a new business should be an exciting time. Often it’s a stressful time too. Finding premises, dealing with the legals, planning the layout and design and working with builders.

Then you have to source the equipment you need and order your opening stock. If your new venture is in the food retailing sector you are going to need refrigeration, shelving and racking, an epos system and alarm system and more besides. Then it all needs paying for and you haven’t bought your stock yet. I’m stressed just thinking about it.

Imagine finding an asset equipment funder who organises the finance for all the equipment without making a fuss – someone experienced who understands and makes light work of funding the fit out. Someone who knows you are a start-up but doesn’t make an issue out of it.

You concentrate on the fun bits and let Armada take the strain!

After a very long, cold, wet winter and constant negative news being pumped out ceaselessly by the media it takes a brave person to invest in their business by purchasing new plant and equipment. To establish a new business takes even more courage.

However, the days are getting longer, the bulbs are breaking through the sodden earth and the opportunities for entrepreneurs are greater than they have been for years.

When everyone is trying to drag you down to where they are, remember the Stanley Holloway monologue (he of the My Fair Lady fame), when everybody he met made him more and more depressed. He then met Old Jenkins who shouted “By gum! My word you do look well.”

Armada are seeing a stream of quality proposals for start-up businesses each day, together with proposals from many existing businesses looking to expand and up-date. Never before have we seen so many families who are ready to support their sons and daughters in their ventures.

You can choose to be frozen in your business by the negativity of the press, politicians, friends and neighbours or you can be brave and respond “My word I do feel well,” and get on with life, after all, it’s the only one we’ve got!

In an article written in Leasing Life, 11th February 2013, Donald Kerr, MD of Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance said “Access to finance is a key driver of economic recovery and firms need to be aware of the options available to them.”

This will come as very encouraging news to the SME sector. If Mr Kerr and his colleagues in his and the other banks introduce their customers to reputable asset funders and other alternatives they can build bridges with their disillusioned customers, help re-build the economy and go some way to making reparations for the damage done to the country and its tax payers.

The question is Mr Kerr, is your statement rhetoric or are the banks prepared to make effort and changes vis a vis Anthony Jenkins, Barclays Bank?—lloyds-tsb/