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For those who don’t already know about this amazing charity, the 20th September is all about raising money and awareness for children with genetic disorders to help change their lives. Genetic disorders affect 1 in 25 children born in the UK and the associated health problems mean that genetic disorders are the biggest cause of death in children.

This annual fundraiser involves getting colleagues and school children to wear their denim for the day and make a donation – something we can all do.

The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day goes to a number of charities which offer care and support to children with genetic disorders.

Why not get involved and put the date in your diary ready for 2014?

Visit to find out more.

Now that it’s autumn and the nights are pulling in we have time to sit in front of the wood fire and reflect on our recent long, hot summer.

Scanning the photo stream while listening to the logs crackling and a glass of Autumn Magic beside us, all thoughts of long sunny days fill us with a warm glow.

The days on the beach at Lyme Regis, with soft golden sand and children quietly building sandcastles or running in the shallows following breakfast at Town Mill Bakery – bliss.

Long walks on Northumberland’s vast empty, sandy beaches with endless views of ruined castles in the background – so romantic.

Perhaps best of all was visiting the Isle of Mull and that hot afternoon at Tobermory. Strolling along Main Street and finding the Isle of Mull Ice Cream Parlour. Talking to Kyle Morris about her new business and how she uses local milk from the island and how the premises were once the local conveniences!

Standing on the water’s edge with a cone of rich rum and raisin, looking out into the bay, watching the fishermen preparing their boats, the water sparkling.

Thank you Kyle, thank you Steve Jobs, these are photos and memories that will last forever.

We thought you might be interested in a new venture we have supported this week.
Nerys and Olwyn, in their mid to late 20s decided to open a new children’s soft play centre in their vicinity as there was a gap in the market.

Nerys is keeping her job as director of a local company. Olwyn is managing the new business.

With the girls not having massive equity in their properties and with this being a new business, there were no lenders prepared to offer asset finance support.

Through a mutual friend, the girls were introduced to Armada. We inquired whether their parents were prepared to guarantee their daughters’ venture. As soon as Nerys’ folk were happy to back them they had the Armada asset funding in place. Now the tiny tots of South Wales are being cared for and enjoying the magnificent and safe play facility.

New energy sources and the constant increase in the cost of power are news grabbing issues.

Recently, much has been made of new fracking developments in the UK plus news about wind farms and large scale solar farms. Added to this the whole World is now deeply concerned about the current instability in the Middle East and its potential impact on oil prices and possible interruption of supplies.

Finding new alternatives to the established energy sources is an imperative.
With these issues in mind, Armada has taken a number of marketing initiatives lately to highlight our support for the solar power industry.

We were well aware that few lenders have an appetite to offer funding to the newer alternative energy technologies.

To our amazement and delight, the response we received from companies in the new power sector was most encouraging. Positive lenders who are professional and efficient still seem to be a rarity. Lenders must learn to not be totally risk averse.

We know that the building industry is a good indicator of the health of the economy.

With various initiatives being introduced by the government to assist 1st time buyers and to ignite the house building industry it was only a matter of time before we see a significant take-up of new jobs in the building industry and its supporting infrastructure.

In the 3 months to June 2013 there was an up-lift of 6% on the number of new house builds in the UK. This is confirmed by the unprecedented numbers of proposals received by Armada from scaffolding companies.

The scaffolding industry is an integral part of construction and one that Armada has been supporting for many years. Enabling scaffolders to keep up with the demand in their sector will assist house building to grow that more quickly and make a vital contribution to accelerating economic growth.

Happy UK, Happy Mark Carney.