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It is fascinating to see all the changes that have taken place in gyms in the 40 years that Armada has been funding equipment for them.

Decades ago, gyms were a large room where guys were pumping iron or working out on cardiovascular machines or trying to knock lumps off one another in the ring.

All that still happens but we have clients now who run operations that are exclusively for ladies or where the machines are solely power plates. Some are for Pilates or yoga or dance, where there are no machines.

In many gyms you don’t pay membership but pay as you use and in others you can get fit and slim for 24/7, if you have the stamina.

We are approached several times every day to fund the complete fit-out of new-start gyms or to asset lease individual items of equipment, whether it’s gym equipment or catering, security or epos machines, et al.

This industry is so vibrant and growing so rapidly that not only is the UK getting much fitter (for some) and reducing our dependency on the NHS, it is doing a great job of creating employment and helping the exchequer.

At Armada we have a great appetite to support this win-win SME sector.

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