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Dick’s old school chum called to see him recently, excited that he had won a contract to build a new gym outside Chipping Norton. He needed to hire diggers, tippers, scaffolding and a variety of other plant from Dick’s plant hire company.

Although Dick didn’t mention it, this posed a real problem for him as he needed to buy in much of the kit as most of his plant was already on hire.

As his bank were not being helpful and their leasing arm was adopting the same line Dick was stressed wondering how to fund the plant he needed. His wife Fiona came to the rescue when she suggested he should talk to his accountant. A brief phone call to Mike, his accountant, a visit from Olly Nash of Armada and the problem was solved, stress relieved.

More and more accountants are seeing that they can add value to their relationships by directing them to alternative funding at this time. A pro-active accountant can make all the difference.



A major change took place in the scaffolding industry in 2000, when, for the first time Armada funded tubing and fittings on a 12 month asset finance agreement. Immediately, across the country, scaffolders realised that equipment leasing with Armada was significantly cheaper than open-ended rental.

The speed of decision making at Armada, together with major tax benefits and positive friendly support for an industry that had never experienced this before has created lasting relationships.

Whether scaffolders are involved in small spec house building projects, covering national monuments and cathedrals or assisting the build of an Olympic village, asset funding over 12 months, 24 months or 36 months is FUNDamentally right.

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