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It is fascinating to see all the changes that have taken place in gyms in the 40 years that Armada has been funding equipment for them.

Decades ago, gyms were a large room where guys were pumping iron or working out on cardiovascular machines or trying to knock lumps off one another in the ring.

All that still happens but we have clients now who run operations that are exclusively for ladies or where the machines are solely power plates. Some are for Pilates or yoga or dance, where there are no machines.

In many gyms you don’t pay membership but pay as you use and in others you can get fit and slim for 24/7, if you have the stamina.

We are approached several times every day to fund the complete fit-out of new-start gyms or to asset lease individual items of equipment, whether it’s gym equipment or catering, security or epos machines, et al.

This industry is so vibrant and growing so rapidly that not only is the UK getting much fitter (for some) and reducing our dependency on the NHS, it is doing a great job of creating employment and helping the exchequer.

At Armada we have a great appetite to support this win-win SME sector.

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Time after time we are being nagged by accountants across the UK to fund cash flow support for their clients. The banks’ absence from so many sectors means that entrepreneurs are having to rein in their businesses.

On every occasion we are asked for retrospective funding it is because the client has paid cash for their assets.

Come on fellas, don’t allow your clients to saddle themselves with the wrong sort of debt. Leasing/asset finance has been around for a lifetime and should be used for ALL asset acquisitions in this economic climate.

Impress your clients with your understanding of form.

“Armada offer an innovative asset finance product which is constantly evolving. With in-house
decision making and very quick turnarounds, I can’t help but recommend them.”



Denis had been working at the bank for 28 years so when they decided to close his branch and offer the staff redundancy packages he jumped at the idea. After considerable thought, he and his wife, Jacqueline, decided to support their daughter, Kaitlin, in her plans to set up a new hairdressing and beauty salon with her partner Karen.

They found a barn conversion unit in the New Forest and began planning the fitting out and the equipment needed. For the well-heeled clientele they would be attracting, the bill for equipping the salon was significant.

After taking advice from their accountant they met with Colin Chastey of Armada to discuss asset finance as the way forward. As Denis and Jacqueline were prepared to guarantee the venture, Colin was able to obtain an agreement to fund all the equipment they needed very quickly. Denis was seriously impressed with the speed and professionalism of Colin and the Armada team.



Dick’s old school chum called to see him recently, excited that he had won a contract to build a new gym outside Chipping Norton. He needed to hire diggers, tippers, scaffolding and a variety of other plant from Dick’s plant hire company.

Although Dick didn’t mention it, this posed a real problem for him as he needed to buy in much of the kit as most of his plant was already on hire.

As his bank were not being helpful and their leasing arm was adopting the same line Dick was stressed wondering how to fund the plant he needed. His wife Fiona came to the rescue when she suggested he should talk to his accountant. A brief phone call to Mike, his accountant, a visit from Olly Nash of Armada and the problem was solved, stress relieved.

More and more accountants are seeing that they can add value to their relationships by directing them to alternative funding at this time. A pro-active accountant can make all the difference.



Frequently a commercial decision needs to be made rapidly – it might be an opportunity to purchase stock at a significant discount if the invoice can be paid promptly – it might be that a crucial piece of machinery has failed and needs replacing yesterday.

Regretfully, entrepreneurs have come to expect to wait weeks or months for a decision from their bankers.

For 40 years Armada has put its clients first and appreciates that when you decide to invest in new assets you want your funder to give you an answer NOW. Armada notifies its customers within 24 hours, whatever the size or complexity of the proposal.

“Armada Asset Finance made a decision for one of my best clients
within 24 hours on funding an asset that we could not help with.”

Lee Owen, Barclays Bank