Brewing up a future

Brewing up a future

It’s encouraging to see the growth of new breweries in the UK with 187 new breweries opening in the last 12 months according to the Good Beer Guide 2014.

Thirty years ago the national brewers of the day, such as Whitbread, Guinness, Bass etc. left little opportunity for entrepreneur brewers to survive. The choice of beers was, by today’s terms, very limited. Also there were far fewer imported beers available.

Armada Asset Finance began to be approached by more and more publicans wanting to individualise their offerings by brewing their own ales. House beers became more on trend, with micro-breweries run from the back of the pub or even in the cellars.

Once the stranglehold of the giants had been broken a steady stream of artisan brewers came to the market place. With an ever increasing choice of beers and often clever and amusing marketing, the new brewers prospered and we began to see more and larger manufacturing taking place, not behind the pub but on local industrial estates. The volume and the choices of real ales expanded dramatically.

Whether your favourite tipple is manufactured just yards from the pump or it’s shipped in by a distribution company, the cost of installing fermentation vessels, bottling lines and the rest of the equipment is very significant.

With the changes in the way banks operate the need for support for new-start breweries is more critical than ever.

From supporting the investment of a complete in-house brewery at the Beer Engine Pub near Exeter in 1983 Armada has always believed in helping start-up ventures and assisting new ideas and their development.

As well as financing all the major plant for breweries we have lost count of the number of beer casks we have funded over the last 30 years. Rather like supermarket trollies, beer casks have a sneaky way of going missing. They can’t all be at the bottom of canals!

If you know of uses to be made of steel casks perhaps you could let us know. We await your inventiveness!

We look forward to continuing our support of brewers and other creative entrepreneurs, who work hard to offer the public more choice and more quality.

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