Armada’s Gardening Moments

Armada’s Gardening Moments

Sunday morning awoke to the sound of our resident blackbird’s alarm call at 6 o’clock.

The moment my eyes opened it was to bright early sunshine and the first thought was that it was a perfect photography opportunity to capture this season’s spring flowers.

Quietly I slid out of bed, grabbed a tracksuit and camera and hit the kettle on my way out. The low sun was throwing long shadows, giving intensity to all the colours of the plants and flowers.

I noticed straight away that during the night the garden fairies had been carefully placing their crystal drops on all the rose buds and the alium flower heads.

If you are awake at this time of the day, it’s worth sitting for a few moments, just marvelling at nature’s beauty and this morning the whole garden had been given a wash and brush up overnight.

After completing my photo shoot I sat and pondered the vista in front of me. A light mist hung over the pond while clouds of pollen floated down from the beech trees. The early geraniums skirted around the water and great drifts of clematis hung from the trees and hedges.

At any time of the year, as we look at our gardens, we are viewing the curtains, wallpaper and furniture of our outside room. Little wonder that I am happy to do the odd hour or two of dusting and sweeping there.

I would encourage any gardener, novice or old timer like me, never walk past a weed, bend (it’s good for your back) and pluck the weed out. Leaving it there will guarantee its pollination and infinitely more weeds to deal with in the future.

Don’t forget to spend time sitting and appreciating the results of your previous efforts.

Happy Gardening.


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