Alternative finance awareness “low among UK SMEs” – Lloyds TSB

In an article written in Leasing Life, 11th February 2013, Donald Kerr, MD of Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance said “Access to finance is a key driver of economic recovery and firms need to be aware of the options available to them.”

This will come as very encouraging news to the SME sector. If Mr Kerr and his colleagues in his and the other banks introduce their customers to reputable asset funders and other alternatives they can build bridges with their disillusioned customers, help re-build the economy and go some way to making reparations for the damage done to the country and its tax payers.

The question is Mr Kerr, is your statement rhetoric or are the banks prepared to make effort and changes vis a vis Anthony Jenkins, Barclays Bank?—lloyds-tsb/


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