A blooming marvel behind the scenes

A blooming marvel behind the scenes

Being a keen gardener I am currently drawn to all the Royal Horticultural Society shows that are taking place. This year we have already had The Malvern Show and Chelsea. Next week is The Chatsworth Show followed in early July by Hampton Court.

For Chelsea, the BBC gives significant coverage throughout the week, with programmes during the afternoon and evening of each day.

Part of the production is given over to the growers who are exhibiting in the Great Marquee and those supplying the show gardens.

Considerable planning and effort needs to go into having the trees, shrubs and flowers in perfect condition for the show week.

Significant investment needs to be made by the horticultural growers to produce perfect blooms for the RHS shows, for public consumption and for the wholesale trade.

Acres of glass houses need to be paid for and fitted out with sophisticated lighting, watering systems and ventilation. Then there is the flooring and staging and all the various forms of transportation needed to collect the plants and cut flowers. Pallet trucks, fork trucks, hi-lifts, JCBs and lorries, not to mention all the refrigeration required to keep the produce in prime condition.

Fortunately, Armada has a history of supporting the horticultural industry, so whether it’s miles of watering pipes that need funding or hi-tech computer systems or HIAB machinery to keep Chelsea the world’s premier flower show, Armada are there to finance the equipment needed.

As I sit at my desk writing this article I am looking out of my floor to ceiling windows watching the swans on the River Clyst.

Armada, the garden designers, landscapers and growers are all like the swans, with our feet paddling under water in order that the visitors at Chelsea and Chatsworth enjoy the perfect, finished effect.

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