Archives Month: January 2018

I don’t know if you are like me but I am getting more than a little tired by the all-encompassing news of Brexit. Without getting into the arena of the politics of our withdrawal from the European Union I have to say that the conduct of my 5 year old grandson is infinitely more mature than the behaviour of many of the politicians and bureaucrats in the UK and in Brussels.

As a nation we are performing remarkably well, in spite of the inevitable uncertainties that exiting the EU was bound to create.

Every week I have proposals and contracts put on my desk for new investments being made by a wide range of businesses throughout the UK. A significant proportion of those contracts are for new-start businesses.

Whether it’s for leisure operations, the hospitality or retail industries, manufacturing or construction, we constantly are being asked to fund assets required to run a new business or for an existing operation wanting to expand.

In Devon alone there has been two stunning hotels opened recently, any number of new restaurants trading in Exeter and since Christmas I have visited two uber smart new pubs as well as many existing ventures investing in major refurbishments.

Now I don’t know about you or your locality but does any of this speak to you of recession? Does the performance of the Stock Market indicate that the country is sliding to disaster?

Whilst the entrepreneurs are busy creating wealth and new jobs – oh I forgot, there are now more people employed in the UK than ever before – the politicians, the media and analysts appear to want to create a climate of chaos and depression that is wholly at odds with what is required for a successful, sustainable economy.

It is in the British nature to be entrepreneurial and I have spent a lifetime working with them and studying their successes and their failures.

In order to continue to support the long-suffering, uncomplaining British business sector can I put in a request to send all our politicians, bureaucrats and media on a 5 year extended holiday. I would then make John Timpson autocrat-in-chief and wait two years for the UK to be the strongest, most dynamic nation in the World.

We can but dream!