Archives Month: June 2017

For 200 years David Sheppy and his family have been brewing cider in the heart of Somerset. Over recent years cider has continued to grow in popularity so that within the last century it has gone from being a mainly farm produced product that frequently could be detrimental to your health, to now being a mainstream beverage that no supermarket, corner shop or public house can afford to ignore.

Not content to sit back on their laurels and history, the Sheppy family has recently undergone a major investment in growth.

No longer are they just cider makers with a museum and tea shop. They are riding the crest of cider’s popularity and have added a very pukka Apple Bay Bar & Restaurant, together with an Italian styled deli and a butchery.

This is another example, like farm shops, where out of a small business, with determination, commitment and focus, the family have backed themselves and developed a quality product that is creating a new following.

Producing bottled cider, having a stylish eatery and a deli is a clever concept. I wonder how many people who drop in for a coffee or charcouterie board, then pick up a few bottles, some Italian pastries and a couple of steaks to take home.

David and his family are symptomatic of the amazing entrepreneurial spirit that is abundant in the UK; individuals and families, prepared to commit themselves and their resources to creating jobs and offering quality brands to their customers.

In case anyone should think this blog is a promo for Sheppy’s we would point out that there is no personal or financial connection between Armada and Sheppy’s. However, we do have a lifetime’s dedication to supporting and encouraging brewers, restaurateurs, deli’s and the retail industry.

Many congratulations to David and his team for the superb way they are developing new ventures to be signposts for others to follow.