Archives Month: December 2016

As Craig Revel Horwood from Strictly would say “Amazingggg”. BBC Channel Two are screening a new series on Wednesdays, The Big Life Fix, presented by Simon Reeve. It takes designers, scientists, engineers and computer experts and asks them to solve major problems to improve the life of communities and individuals.

Emma, a graphic designer, has Parkinsons and the tremours prevent her from using a pen or doing any practical graphic work. One of The Big Life Fix team, Haiyan Zhang, who is a Microsoft executive was tasked with finding a solution to Emma’s problem. She designed and manufactured the Emma watch, which alters the messages from the brain to the hand. Download the programme and see Emma writing her name now.

The team have also found solutions to stop sheep rustling and to give a village mobile communication facilities where none existed before.

Graham, who was severely paralysed by a massive stroke and lost the ability to speak can now express himself, using a tablet which communicates with the sound of Graham’s own voice, collected from videos and tapes in his past.

The ingenuity and inventiveness of these young scientists and engineers is awesome. The series is a ‘must see’ for people of all ages.

Watching the programme is a bit of a tear jerker, not dissimilar to DIY SOS, but get over it, reach for the box of tissues and view this compelling series from a different perspective.

Our Great Britain is Great on so many levels. We are blessed by so many great minds, inventors and entrepreneurs. Who ever thought you could vacuum a carpet with a powerful, cordless, bagless machine until James Dyson came along.

We all have amazing talents, we just don’t know we’ve got them or we don’t bother using them. Ore Oduba didn’t know he could dance until he joined Strictly – now he’s in the final.

I would encourage everyone to use the forthcoming Christmas break and take time to consider what your particular gift is – everyone has one or more. If you are part of the silent majority who claim not to have a gift, you are wrong.

Light the candles, run a bath and lay back. Ask Father Christmas, The Good Lord or the ether, “What is my gift or talent?” Before long you find you have a special gift that you can use to help others and enrich your own life. You too can contribute to making Britain Great.