Archives Month: March 2016

Having spent a lifetime financing UK restaurants and twelve years as a successful restaurateur I feel that I can share a little secret with you; only do keep it to yourself and your daughter.

Tomorrow’s new trend in wedding catering is Japanese sushi.

Already established as a ‘must have’ in California and London, sushi for the bride and her guests will be commonplace in years to come.

In our cosmopolitan cities you will often find several sushi restaurants vying for trade and all the top-end supermarkets and delis offer varieties of pre-packed rice and fish dishes.

If your daughter is hoping her big day will outshine her girlfriends, here’s her chance.

Hiring a sushi chef to demonstrate his knife skills and presentation will enthral all your guests. Healthy, fresh food being prepared in front of you. WOW!

No more tired canapés, soggy pastry and cold food that should be hot. No more trying to balance your glass while trying to be elegant with knife and fork.

How Mrs Middleton will you look with a glass of Krug in one hand, a vibrant piece of sashimi in the other and still able to cock your pinkie.

Mark my words, you will be the talk and envy of the WI and your daughter will have all the admiration of her friends and the groom – he wasn’t good enough for her in any case.

Don’t forget to email me and tell me how you got on. By the end of the evening you will be talking about your Fugu to everyone. Happy nuptials!

Thank goodness for Sport Relief, which is happening in a couple of weeks!

Yesterday I had the misfortune of having lunch in our favourite café, listening to two women on the next table who had the health and strength to go out to lunch but whose conversation was ‘me, me, me,’ – ‘moan, moan, moan.’

Later in the day I caught up with the day’s news channel – the results of Super Tuesday (are they really the best politicians that America has to offer?) Then hearing about all the migration debacles in Europe and the UK Government squabbling about Brexit or the disaster of leaving.

STOP – pull yourself together father and count your blessings!

Fortunately, after the news, there was an episode of DIY SOS The Big Build. All those guys giving up their wages and working through snow and freezing winds to help a widowed father and his six children.

Then I think of Red Nose Day, Sport Relief, Help for Heroes and so many more charities. Yes, Eddie Izzard running 27 marathons in as many days is truly phenomenal and more power to his knees, but what catches me in the throat is the army of children who give up their time and effort to raise money for those less fortunate than themselves!!!

We really are a great Britain and when we focus on the givers and the people they help we can put the Trumps & Clintons, the Camerons & the Goves and the Draghis & Junckers in their place.

Being happy, positive and grateful is far too important to our health and spirit than to allow politicians and moaners to blind us to all the great in Great Britain.