Archives Month: January 2016

For those of us who have created a new business we have probably had the frustrating experience of listening to a lender tell us that when we are more established he will have more of an appetite to lend.

In the banking world this is known as the umbrella effect – “While it’s sunny you can borrow my umbrella, but if it starts to rain I shall want it back.”

When you are starting your business is when you need the support of lenders. Once you are established you probably are repaying debt, unless you are in a growth phase.

For over 40 years I have listened to new start entrepreneurs bemoaning the illogical attitude of bankers and other lenders. Let’s face it; if you are too nervous to lend appropriately to get people started, what are you doing in the lending business.

At Armada we have a track record second to none for supporting new businesses and then sticking with them as they expand.

We put time, effort and resources into choosing the right people to support. Once the decision is made we believe in giving the full assistance to do their job properly.

There is no point in giving a restaurant only enough funding to buy half  the tables and chairs or forcing them to purchase cut price equipment that keeps breaking down.

If you want an asset finance company to assist your start-up then choose one who has the faith in you and keeps the faith. Choose Armada

Calling all grandparents, Godparents and aunts & uncles, did you know that in the far corners of Cornwall lurks a lady who is the answer to that perennial question, “What do I get for junior’s birthday/Christmas present?”

In 1992 Sarah Bond designed and manufactured her first range of children’s wear in colourful fleece. From babies to approximately 9 years old Sarah continues to come up with quirky, adorable tops, trousers and hats, under the name of Lizzie Shirt.

This grandparent has been dressing both “lights of my life” for nine years. All the garments we have bought have been handed down many times and continue to look special and durable.

Luckily for Sarah we have nieces, Goddaughters as well as Armada staff producing sons and daughters, so the list of recipients of Sarah’s craft will keep her busy, coming up with new styles and colours, for years to come.

If you are fortunate to live in Devon or Dorset, pop into Primary Colours in Broad Street, Lyme Regis. Not only do they have a great range of Lizzie Shirt, they have a large selection of toys and puzzles. You will love the attitude and friendliness of the owners and staff.

Don’t forget, if you are going to Lyme, plan to have breakfast at the Town Mill Bakery; you’re sure to thank me for the suggestion.

Should you not have access to Cornwall or Dorset then take a few moments to check out Sarah’s web site. Happy shopping!

Ladies, one for you!  Before you know it we will be in the middle of February – the 14th to be precise. Time for you to get planning. Let him think all his Christmases have come at once – tell him you are taking him to Mayfair so that you can buy him a pair of Oliver Sweeny’s from Conduit Street.

Having purchased a pair of the finest shoes he will ever own, head down the road to Rigby & Peller. He won’t know who they are until he sees the window but when he does his mind will go into overdrive. Drag him inside and he will feel duty bound to reciprocate by filling your bag with frillies.

Strike while the iron is hot and whisper a few encouragements while you steer him across the road to Vivienne Westwood or next door to Nicol Farhi.

By this stage he will have lost all sense of direction or the power to speak, so stay in control, tell him he is the kindest man on the planet and that he deserves a rest and some fun. As he tries, in vain, to compute what is coming next, you gently guide him into Tokimeite, next door.

Tokimeite is the latest contemporary Japanese restaurant in London. Let him relax in the elegant but informal setting while you enjoy glasses of Bloody Mary and taste their superb Wagyu beef, sashimi or sushi. Take your time; this mustn’t be rushed as there will be so many memories of the day to share.

Think! A new wardrobe from the best that Mayfair has to offer, together with the best food from a Michelin chef and all for the price of a pair of shoes.

By now he will be in a serious state of bemusement and putty in your hands – think of the possibilities. No, no you have got to plan some things yourself.

Having experienced the deluge in Somerset two years ago, our hearts go out to the people of Cumbria, Yorkshire and Scotland. So many folk have been affected by the flooding over Christmas and the New Year. Not only have homes and businesses been awash but the loss of furniture and meaningful possessions will have been hard to bear.

The news reports of people being ferried and rescued in dinghies highlights the army of helpers ready to lend a hand to the effected families.

How many farmers gave up their time with the family to take their tractors to move sandbags and shore up banks and move rubble? Likewise, how many emergency services personnel didn’t get to sit down to Christmas dinner with their loved ones?

We all know that newspapers and the whole media will proclaim that bad news sells papers and they have a duty to inform, but on a personal basis, how are we going to approach 2016?

Are we the ones to focus on the trauma of those trying to cope with overwhelming misfortune or will we celebrate the British spirit of helping each other when the need arises?

In 2016, business will have days when the clouds are black and the media is throwing rubbish at us that actually doesn’t affect us. As entrepreneurs, will we find all the reasons why nobody came through the door today or will we get up each day with a smile and attract our own good fortune and success?

Why not resolve to smile your way through 2016 – go on you know you can do it!