Archives Month: May 2015

What do Sir Jonathan Ive, Sir Paul Smith and Dan Pearson have in common?

All are creative, successful and inspired by gardens and gardening.

Sir Jonathan Ive is the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple, who was responsible for the design of the MacBook, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

Sir Paul Smith is a legendry fashion designer and retailer with shops selling his designs throughout Europe, the USA and the Far East. His iconic, multi-coloured stripes are recognised by all who are interested in fashion the World over.

Dan Pearson is a World famous landscape and garden designer, journalist and TV presenter. Today he was awarded “Best in Show” at RHS Chelsea for his Chatsworth Garden in collaboration with Laurent-Perrier.

The UK is blessed with so many outstanding inventors, creators and designers who, like Sir James Dyson, are significant job creators, wealth producers and directly and indirectly very major tax contributors.

During the long history of Armada we have been privileged to help thousands of new businesses get started and to support them through their developing years. Some of these have gone on to become household names.

For the long term success of the UK it is vital that the country, the government and lenders see the importance of entrepreneurs and give them the encouragement and assistance that ultimately brings benefits to us all.

By the way, Dan Pearson created gardens for both Sir Jonathan Ive and Sir Paul Smith!

It’s polling day and an opportunity to contemplate the outcome of the General Election and the what ifs of the outcome. What will the new government do for business and who will consider the enormous potential of our young people? Will they be encouraged and supported by tomorrow’s regime?

By coincidence, the 13 year old son of a member of our staff is spending the day in our office, getting a flavour of the working environment. I’m thinking, “How can we maximise his time as a learning experience for him?” So he is sent around each department with the encouragement to constantly ask questions.

Over lunch I pick up the latest copy of Director, a magazine produced by The Institute of Directors, of which I have been a Fellow for the last 30 years plus.

In this latest issue the editor has asked business leaders, celebrities and sports persons for leadership advice. All the answers were very relevant, from Boris Johnson’s “We need to give our young people hope and opportunity.” To Bob Geldof’s “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.”

Having spent a lifetime helping start-up businesses and wanting to see our young people using the talents they have been gifted with, I wondered what my response would have been if I had been asked for a contribution.

“We work for most of our lives so we had better work at something we are passionate about. The more we enjoy what we do, the more success it will bring to us. Don’t take a job just to pay the rent or the mortgage!”