Archives Month: March 2015

When a small, local catering school first approached Armada for assistance to finance catering equipment in one of their kitchens, it was the commitment and hard work of the owner that convinced us that she was worth supporting.

We continued to fund the school’s various requirements over a period of time while plans to construct a purpose-built new school developed. We had been asked to fund the major part of fitting out the premises – catering equipment, work benches, furniture and so much more.

The opening of the new school was a great cause for celebration – a stunning building, a very professional fit-out and a fabulous working relationship with the owners and staff.

It was a good decision to support this academy as they have gone on to be recognised as one of the leading cookery schools in the UK and Ireland and they are multi award winners.

Armada has always enjoyed helping to put new businesses on the first rung of the ladder and to assist existing ventures to fulfil their potential.

By funding a business’s assets and protecting their cash flow Armada really makes a difference. By caring about the people and not making decisions based purely on statistics, we think we have the right recipe for success.

Get the taste of our “Cookery Schools” Pinterest board.

What a treat! Yesterday in Torquay the skies were deep blue and the sun was shining on the visitors strolling around the harbour and the sea front.

Although for over 30 years I was always in Torbay every Tuesday (unless it was Christmas) transacting business, it was a few years since I had last visited the “English Riviera”.

A very stylish Millennium Bridge now links both sides of the inner harbour and the Abbey Sands development, previously the Palm Court Hotel, now houses uber posh apartments and classy bars and restaurants overlooking the bay.

While my fellow sightseers were busy leaning on the harbour rails drooling over the Sunseeker super yachts I turned my back to contemplate the town of Torquay and recall all the happy memories of the businesses I helped to create and support.

How many hotels did I fund for their kitchens and furniture and carpets? All those restaurants and bars that needed refrigeration and microwaves etc. Retail shops, children’s play centres, offices and scaffolders – this was my bread and butter for so many years – the life of an asset finance entrepreneur.

After lunch at Le Bistrot Pierre, watching the yachts in the bay, I returned to my reverie – so many happy days and good friends created through business. Where are we now as a company?

We are still helping new businesses by financing their assets. We are still funding the hospitality industry and scaffolders and retail, but now so much more!
Little did I think, all those years ago, that Armada would now be doing what I did in Torbay, but now also in Aberdeen, Swansea, Penzance and Ramsgate and every city, town and village in between.

Happy Days!

I’ve got the T-shirt, the mugs and the nose and now I am told that I have to wear face paints to breakfast at Darts Farm this Friday and to the office afterwards – there’s no dignity if you follow Comic Relief.

Sitting in my office at Topsham I took the opportunity to research this amazing bi-annual event, which was founded by Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry.

Comic Relief has so far raised over £950 million to support those in need in the UK and Africa – people with health or educational issues, helping to feed the hungry and hurting and to show that someone cares for them personally.

The comic genius of Richard and Lenny has enabled those who want to help to have fun while supporting their fellow brother or sister.

When the World is so needy, yet governments and religions spend billions to create death and destruction, there is real power for good when children, the elderly and everyone in between come together to raise money for others, who they will never know or meet.

We can take real pride in our children who are growing up in a culture of helping others. The teachers and parents who are supporting and encouraging our youngsters in their fundraising are also helping to forge a better nation for the future.

If you haven’t contributed to Red Nose Day this year, it’s not too late. We will all be richer for helping those who need.

Easter is not far away and many of our clients are making preparations to make the most of this holiday period.

Across the board we are being asked to fund catering equipment, furniture, flooring and all the assets associated with a good spring clean and up-grade in readiness for the increased seasonal foot-fall.

Leading the way in forward planning and sound commerciality is Lavinia Goodall of The Venetian Ices & Restaurant which she has run in Whitley Bay on the north-east coast since 1982.

Lavinia was inventive and astute when she decided to manufacture Hot Cross Bun flavoured ice cream for Easter. In order to stock her 18 various flavours of ices she needed to replace her refrigerated display cabinets. As always, she came to Armada for the asset finance support she needed. All round, “a lady of immaculate taste”.

“You were as easy to deal with this time as you were the last time. You really are a very helpful company and lovely people to deal with.” Lavinia.