Archives Month: January 2015

The weekend was an opportunity to reflect on the tragic killings that took place in Paris last week. Innocent people shot while shopping for the family, three police officers gunned down while doing their duty, journalists slaughtered.

So many families, parents, wives, husbands, children and friends have been affected by a couple of days of mayhem and will have to live with the results for the rest of their lives.

Sadly, too many negative emotions will have been felt by millions of people around the World – hatred, bitterness, anger and all the thoughts of retaliatory violence.

It was while pondering on all these events and the consequent effects that out of the corner of my eye I noticed our local pheasant walk past the window, not three feet away. His copper chest feathers, emerald head, ruby ring around his eyes and a virginal white collar made an arresting sight.

For a moment I watched him patrolling the garden, tiptoeing amongst the primroses and pecking flowers from the emerging crocuses.

It’s right to give our thoughts and prayers to all those touched by last week’s events. It’s right to expect governments and police forces to do everything possible to prevent a reoccurrence of the carnage.

It’s also good to remember that among the heartbreak and loss the snowdrops are already here, the daffodils will be flowing shortly and Spring will burst forth with new life and renewed hope.