Archives Month: December 2014

As many of our followers, friends and clients will know, I have spent 40 years committed to the asset finance industry. From the seed of an idea to the formation of Armada, working alone and initially focused on the hospitality and retail industries to slowly but surely build a lending organisation, strong enough to weather the 2008 downturn that broke our banks, had they not been thrown lifelines.

Throughout all those decades the passion was to give start-up entrepreneurs the assistance to put their feet on the first rung of the ladder and not forget who was paying the wages – the client of course!

Over the years recessions have come and gone, major trading organisations have come and gone and many lessons have been learnt – too frequently and many times over, the banks have failed to remember their lessons for 5 minutes and more seriously, have chosen to forget who pays their wages.

In the hell-bent rush for success, frequently greed goes hand in hand with forgetfulness and stupidity and when failure comes knocking at the door it is always someone else’s fault. Few directors or entrepreneurs or politicians, for that matter, have the humility to put their hands up to their own culpability and fall on their sword. So be it!

Life is full of opportunities and this septuagenarian is still grateful to wake up each morning and see what he can learn from life today.
One of the greatest lessons has been that quality in all we do really matters – quality in the service we give others, quality in the relationships we have with friends, customers and suppliers.

For Armada to be strong and growing after 40 years has meant hard work, focus and commitment amongst a plethora of other traits but look around, go to the Armada Pinterest “Retail At Its Best” board – to stand the test of time make sure Quality runs through you and your business like Brighton through a stick of rock.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Christmas is now fast approaching – have you got those first pangs of panic about what to buy the family? Panic not, help is here.

Have you ever wondered what to do during your lunch break? Ever thought what it would be like if you could ride a unicycle? For less than £100 you could solve your waistline problem, cycle to Next or Fat Face and have both hands free to carry the bags and not have to worry about a parking space – that’s your presant sorted then!

For the kids, how about a new scooter or a set of stilts. Give them some encouragement and you could get the sitting room ceiling painted for free.

Now how about Granny? Just the thing – a tight rope apparatus – she’ll have to concentrate so it will stop her interfering with cooking the Christmas lunch and if she falls it should be funnier than any of the seasonal TV shows – winners all round.

Just to help you even more, in true Christmas spirit, all this equipment and so much more can be found on the Butterfingers web site. They are specialist circus suppliers based in Harrogate.

If you are close enough to call in, take the children with you – there is a new Armada funded soft play area to keep them amused while you see if you have the aptitude to spin plates or juggle balls.

Have fun – we do, every day!!