Archives Month: February 2014

John Milton is credited with coining the phrase in 1634. Probably it would not be wise to use the proverb to encourage folk living in Somerset or the Thames Valley. However, the truism of those words is very pertinent to many trades people working in the flooded and storm effected areas in England and Wales.

When finally the waters subside, the rush to find builders to repair property is going to create frustration upon despair for the households who have been affected.

The builders will need scaffolders and building supplies and whey they have finished their repairs, the demand will be for carpenters, decorators, carpet fitters and suppliers of electrical goods and furniture.

We would all wish that the floods and storms had not happened but the silver lining will bring a second Christmas to many local tradesmen and suppliers. A resurgence of your neighbourhood crafts people is to be welcomed, if not celebrated by some.