Archives Month: January 2014

This is a cross-section of businesses Armada has been doing business with for 40 years.

We hope you enjoy our style.

As we start 2014 there is so much to encourage us and to excite us about the year ahead.

Last year we assisted more start-up businesses than ever before. New restaurants, new gyms and just for you ladies, masses of new retail.

Local food shops are opening with artisan bakers and continental style patisseries. With more entrepreneurs entering all sectors of retail, many of them are having the sense to invest in unique shop-fittings in order to create a stunning shopping experience.

Our help and expertise is constantly in demand to finance high-end operations that don’t seek to compete with the run of the mill high street multiples.

Follow our new Pinterest boards to inspire you and keep abreast of new trends in the various sectors we support. Our site will continue to expand in the coming weeks and on-going – keep watching to see what will be on trend in the future.

For many business people returning to work after the Christmas break, it will take a few days to build up momentum.

It gives us an opportunity to assess the results of our labours in 2013 and to contemplate this year and our plans and objectives for the coming 12 months.

Thanks to the endeavours, patience and determination of UK businesses, their workforce and leaders we have put the dark days of 2007-8 behind us.
At the close of 2013 we constantly received news and surveys highlighting an encouraging up-lift and success in the economy.

With the FTSE 100 starting the year strongly and with entrepreneurs finding alternative ways of funding their businesses when banks can’t or won’t support them, all the signs are in place for an exciting, expanding and profitable year.

The endeavour and determination needs to continue, however, if a constant positive attitude can be added to the mix, then the sky’s the limit.