Archives Month: July 2013

Evidence is emerging that the UK is showing the 1st signs of recovery, albeit that the measure of growth is still very small, circa 0.5% – 0.8%.

When the development of the economy is fragile one wonders why the Business Secretary, Vince Cable and the media are constantly fixated on the misdemeanours of the banks.

The history making failures of the banks and the greed of their executives and staff are so well documented that we should be moving on and trying to fill the gaps in lending that the banks have left, not filling front page column inches with the past.

The government and the media would do well to concentrate on directing businesses, both large and small, to sources of funding in order to stimulate growth and create jobs.

No longer do we need to be reminded of why the banks have failed the country. Business needs positive encouragement and support and the government and press need to wake up to their responsibilities.