Archives Month: March 2013

May your glass be always full and your buns be perfect

In the 2013 Spring Budget the Government announced plans to help families pay for childcare from late 2015.

For many families the cost of childcare is crippling and a deciding factor in whether a parent is able to work.

By supporting owners of nurseries and children’s play centres, Armada have helped improve standards of care and safety for our youngest generations.

Many operators run pre-school collection and care systems together with after-school clubs and nursery facilities.

By funding the fit out of new premises for start-ups or existing operators Armada has helped to extend the number of facilities available and assisted in driving down costs. Our experience in this sector is extensive.

The availability and pricing of childcare now is vital, not talk of support in years to come. In a market economy the entrepreneur will always solve the problem while the politicians are still talking!

“Armada are positive & helpful. It reminds us of the old days.”
Steve Johnson. PLAY SHACK

Thanks to Richard Curtis, founder of Comic Relief, not only are efforts being made all over the country to raise money to bring about lasting change in the lives of poor and disadvantaged people, it brings about massive togetherness for the fundraisers and puts a smile on the face of Britain for at least one day in the year!

The Girls in Armada have been exercising their cooking skills for the cause and the chaps have been exercising their waistbands. Soon we shall hope to exercise our brains in the Red Nose Quiz. Fortunately nobody will be watching!

Without losing sight of the purpose of Red Nose Day we are having a ball and would recommend it to all.

How many entrepreneurs have spent months or years dreaming of running their own business and fleshing out their dreams until they turned from dream to reality – Richard Branson, James Dyson, Jacqueline Gold, et al –

Susan Boyle took the words of the famous song from Les Miserables and used them to turn her dreams into reality, fame and wealth.

For almost 40 years Armada Asset Finance has helped aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

Start fulfilling your dreams here

With the current series of Great British Menu being broadcast alongside programmes featuring Michel Roux Jr, Nigella Lawson, Professional Masterchef and so many more, the media and the restaurant industry are showing amazing invention and commitment in creating standards and awareness of the UK as frontrunners of international cuisine.

Now, the restaurateur has to be conscious of the importance of modern technology and its impact on his business. With the buying public wandering the streets with smart phones, not only can we look at menus and wine lists and their pricings, we can instantly read critiques and ratings before we book on-line, from the comfort of our workplace, home or favourite coffee shop.

Woe betide the restaurateur who ignores technology. There is little point in being an award winning chef if your dining room is empty.

Never before has it been easier for our budding Tom Kerridges to use asset finance to acquire the latest technology, whether it’s for front of house or for the heat of the kitchen.